Who We Are

LakePharma is a leading biologics company specializing in antibody and protein engineering, cell line development, and protein production. Services can be fully integrated, creating a "soup to nuts" solution for all of a customer's molecular biology, cell line, and protein needs.

With facilities located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area and near the Boston/Cambridge biotech hub, LakePharma has developed numerous in-house technology platforms to provide cost-effective and high quality services to our customers. Our production processes are SOP-based and high-throughput, and have been streamlined to be exceptionally efficient on both a small and large scale. Each project is actively managed by a dedicated study director and a project manager to ensure timely completion with superior results that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Mission

LakePharma is the leading, global biologics company offering world-class quality services: protein engineering, antibody drug development, biomanufacturing and integrated solutions. Customer satisfaction is our central value. We serve the biggest biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and early stage companies globally, and will grow to become the most important biologics partner for all of our customers by expanding biomanufacturing capabilities to enable our customers to progress from early discovery into the clinic.

Featured Employees

David Boyle

Chief Financial Officer

David Boyle was appointed to Chief Financial Officer in 2018. He has vast experience in financial leadership at technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to LakePharma, David Boyle served as Chief Financial Officer at Direct Flow Medical, AVI BioPharma, and XOMA, Ltd., and was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Salix Pharmaceuticals. Boyle also served in various finance, administration, and development leadership roles at Serono, Intel, and Polycom, Inc. In addition to being an avid table tennis player, David is a former professional cellist and continues to perform with Bay Area groups on a regular basis.

Douglas Demian, M.S.

Director, Pharma Assay Development and Screening (MA)

Doug serves as Director, of LakePharma’s Assays Group in Worcester and is responsible for oversight of the Pharma Assay Portfolio. Doug brings almost 20 years assay development and screening experience in large and small molecule drug discovery, the majority of which occurred at Pfizer’s Discovery Technology Center in Cambridge, MA prior to joining LakePharma in Worcester in 2008. Doug earned his B.A. in biology at Hiram College and his M.S. in zoology at the University of New Hampshire. In his spare time, Doug is a passionate woodworker and enjoys building furniture, roasting coffee, brewing beer and the smoking and curing of meats.

Raphael Levy, Ph.D.

Director, Antibody Engineering

Raphael Levy joined LakePharma in March 2017, as the new Director of Antibody Engineering. He has vast experience in the fields of Antibody Discovery & Engineering. Previously, he worked for XOMA for over 10 years, as a major contributor in multiple antibody discovery programs, project team leader, author of articles, and inventor of patents. Raphael was fortunate to complete his postdoctoral fellowship in Prof. James Marks’s lab at UCSF where his work in high resolution antibody epitope mapping and affinity maturation using yeast surface display was published in highly regarded scientific journals, such as Nature Biotechnology and the Journal of Molecular Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology under the supervision of acclaimed Prof. George Georgiou at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on the improvement of folding and bacterial expression of antibody fragments. Raphael completed his M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Tel-Aviv University, Israel and earned a B.Sc. degree in Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Aside from his dedication on antibody research, Raphael enjoys traveling, biking, reading, watching independent movies, tennis and having fun with his adorable wife and son.

Melissa Asllani, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, Pharma Assay Development and Screening (MA)

Melissa is a senior scientist in the Assay Services group at LakePharma where she is responsible for the planning and execution of a various of assays, including cell-based compound screening, quantitative PCR analysis, enzyme activity analysis, and a variety of ELISA technologies. From her graduate work, she also has valuable experience with molecular biology techniques, such as bacteriophage λ infection, cloning, and Southern blotting. Melissa has a B.A. degree in biochemistry from Saint Anselm College, and she obtained her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys baking sweet treats and watching Duke basketball.

Hajime “Haj” Tada

General Counsel

Haj joined LakePharma to serve as the company’s first general counsel. He is responsible for all legal and compliance matters, including corporate governance, technology licensing and sales support, as well as developing the in-house legal and compliance functions. Before joining LakePharma as General Counsel, Haj worked at Hewlett-Packard’s spinoff, Agilent Technologies, serving as the lead attorney for the life-sciences division that grew to become the face of Agilent and, at the request of the CEO, taking on the additional duties of Acting General Counsel for close to a year. Prior to his work at Agilent, he held various legal positions, including at the City Attorney’s Office for the City of San Francisco. A born and raised New Yorker, Haj received his law degree from NYU School of Law, received his undergraduate degree from Yale, moved to San Francisco and never looked back.

Walter Tian

VP of Commercial Operations

Walter has worked in the marketing and business side of biotech companies for the past 19 years. Before joining LakePharma, he was the Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Strategy at DNA2.0. He also spent time as the Vice President of Marketing for OriGene Technologies, served as Business Director with QIAGEN and was the Marketing Director with Perkin Elmer. Walter also has experience in the lab as well, spending 7 years as a research scientist at T Cell Sciences, Inc. Walter obtained a Master of Science in Immunology from Beijing Medical University and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

Kexin “Kay” Huang, Ph.D.

Director, Protein and Analytical Sciences (CA)

Kay has served as LakePharma’s Director, Antibody Engineering since 2014. She is responsible for building LakePharma world class antibody engineering team and establishing the engineering platforms for humanization, affinity maturation and other surface display related engineering services. With over ten years of structural biology experience and an in-depth knowledge of biophysical and bioanalytical strategies, she has streamlined the engineering process with her team, and ensures exceptional quality for LakePharma’s customers. Kay earned her B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Peking University and her Ph.D. in biochemistry (structural biology) at Baylor College of Medicine. Outside of the company, Kay is an avid ballroom and Argentine tango dancer.

Tony Difede

VP of Finance & Accounting

Tony brings over 37 years of experience working in business finances, including spending the last 17 years dealing in the medical or biotech industry. Tony previously served as the CFO for Living Well Assisted Living and A-cube and held the Vice President of Finance role with Rubicor Medical and Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals. Tony received his B.S.B.A in Accounting from the University of Florida as well as his M.S. of Taxation from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

Kristin Rider, M.S.

Director, Sales

Kristin leads a team of client-focused salespeople who excel at providing solutions to the scientific community. Kristin has been with LakePharma for over seven years, starting initially in our cell culture lab, and then moving into sales where she combines her scientific background with a passion for customer service. Kristin has been in the biotech industry for 17 years, in various areas of discovery, production, and manufacturing. She began her career at Genzyme working on technology development and manufacturing of biologics. Kristin then moved to ViaCell, where she focused on the transfer of stem cell research into ViaCell’s first cGMP facility. Kristin later moved to Novagenesis, where she oversaw the tech transfer of research protocols into cGMP manufacturing. Kristin has a B.S. and a M.S. degree in Biology from WPI.