For Existing Clients

To our existing clients, we appreciate your business. We would not exist without your support. 

We work hard every day to improve our technology, systems, and operations. We take your projects and trust seriously. Our success and pride rely heavily on the success of our clients. 

We welcome your comments and input. If there is any problem with your current or previous projects, or if there is an improvement we can make, our Customer Support team in the LakePharma Dallas office would love to hear from you. 

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you try the LakePharma DPM system. DPM provides an interactive experience for our clients to view and manage their projects with real-time data. Clients can directly initiate new projects on DPM.

If you have not created a customer account on DPM or need assistance, please contact your Account Manager or speak with our Customer Support team in LakePharma Dallas (email or call 650-288-4891).