LakePharma Update About the COVID-19 Pandemic – Being Part of the Solution

Category: Announcement

Things have been changing very quickly with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the U.S.  LakePharma wants to assure our customers that we continue to operate during this outbreak.  As you know, some of our facilities are under a shelter in place order.  Under those orders, biotechnology companies are considered essential businesses and, therefore, are able to continue to operate.  We believe this will allow us to work with our customers and be part of the solution to this evolving situation.

We have taken numerous precautions to protect our employees during this time.  Early on, we established a COVID-19 response committee, restricted visitors and non-essential business travel at all sites, implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, and enforced self-quarantining of at-risk (and potentially infected) employees.  To promote social distancing we’ve implemented staggered shifts or remote work. Fortunately, as of the date of this announcement, no LakePharma employees have tested positive for COVID-19. 

We believe that by minimizing the number of employees in each of our facilities we reduce the risk of exposure for those essential staff who continue working in our facilities.   We are closely monitoring daily changes and will take further steps as new developments arise.

LakePharma already has effective systems in place that facilitate the secure exchange of information between all of our facilities and customers.  Now these same systems allow for efficient remote work situations as well. We are proud to be able to continue to support the life sciences community, while maintaining the highest levels of safety for our employees.

LakePharma is working on a range of COVID-19 projects to facilitate vaccine approaches and diagnostics.  We believe these COVID-19 projects hold great potential for downstream COVID-19 vaccine development.  We are pleased to see our broad technical expertise and capacity being applied in response to a worldwide emergency.

We are open for business to support our customers and to help our global community, so please, let us know if we can assist you and stay safe!


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