Recombinant COVID-19 Virus Spike Proteins Available From LakePharma

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San Carlos, California. - LakePharma today announced that the company has made various versions of recombinant COVID-19 virus spike proteins using rapid CHO manufacturing platforms. As a contribution towards combating the current pandemic, LakePharma is making these purified COVID-19 spike proteins available to the biotech community for rapid antibody and diagnostic development under relaxed business terms.  

The recombinant COVID-19 spike proteins are produced using LakePharma proprietary TunaCHO™ manufacturing platforms. They include the full length ectodomain of COVID-19 spike protein in trimeric form with either wild type or prefusion conformation, with or without the furin cleavage site. 

“LakePharma has been working actively with various partners on approaches against COVID-19 virus since the end of January”, said Dr. Hua Tu, President and CEO of LakePharma. “We have produced several versions of the COVID-19 Spike proteins. We believe they serve as useful reagents for antibody and diagnostic development, and therefore we have made arrangements to make the reagents available to the biotech community. Furthermore, I would like to thank and acknowledge the LakePharma employees who have adapted to this difficult situation and continue to show their dedication to being part of the solution to this global pandemic.” 

As an essential business exempt from stay-at-home guidance, LakePharma is operating at some of the facilities and has taken great precautions to minimize risks and protect employees, thus continuing the discovery and production of urgently needed biologics. 

For academic and commercial organizations interested in more information about these proteins and potentially other reagents related to COVID-19, please contact us on the LakePharma website or email

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LakePharma is a US-based Biologics CRDMO with operations in CA, TX, and MA. This biotech company specializes in the production and evaluation of DNA vectors, viral vectors, cell lines, proteins, antibodies and conjugates, while providing integrated solutions bridging discovery, engineering, development and GMP manufacturing. LakePharma has contributed to the development of 200+ therapeutic or diagnostic products and strives to do hundreds more.

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