LakePharma expands its analytical services

Added On: 2012-10-01

LakePharma is now offering comprehensive protein analysis and characterization services, including: 

de novo Antibody Sequencing: a technique by which the amino acid sequence of an antibody can be discovered without prior knowledge of the DNA or protein sequence. de novo Antibody Sequencing offers an alternative, faster approach biopharmaceutical companies use to screen commercial mAbs to identify a mAb candidate against an antigen of interest. 

Accurate Mass by Intact Mass Analysis: Denaturation & reduction of proteins/antibodies followed by LC-MS analysis (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry). In addition to the measurement of an accurate molecular weight, the intact mass analysis can be used to define approximate glycoprofiling of major N-linked oligosaccharides such as G0f, G1f and G2f. 

Sequence Confirmation and PTM Analysis by Peptide Mapping: Peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS is one of the most powerful qualitative assays to confirm the primary sequence of proteins or antibodies and to detect subtle changes in primary structure, which may affect the activity of the protein such as the binding affinity. This service is also useful to detect subtle modifications which may be the result of variations in the manufacturing process that cause degradation and stability issues. 

Soluble Aggregation by SE-HPLC (Size Exclusion Chromatography): This service detects and measures soluble aggregates within a protein sample. Aggregation is one of the most commonly encountered problems during the manufacturing and storage of biologics, and is considered to be highly undesirable due to its potential immunogenicity. 

Accurate PI by Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (CIEF): cIEF, measurement of the isoelectric point and charge variation, can be used to identify the presence of charge heterogeneity, which is caused by post-translational modifications. 

Antibody Titer Determination: This service is especially useful for developing manufacturing-quality antibody cell lines. Antibody titer determination by Protein A-HPLC is much more robust, reliable and reproducible than ELISA, and many of our clients choose to use this service, rather than ELISA, to monitor antibody productivity during single cell cloning.

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