LakePharma to host conference in SSF

Added On: 2013-07-01

LakePharma announced that it is organizing a symposium to bring together individuals and organizations in the Bay Area biotech community to discuss the latest developments in antibody discovery and protein engineering. Topics will include exciting progress in antibody development, as well as innovative technologies that are enhancing the next generation of protein therapeutics and products. This conference will benefit scientists currently working in the biopharmaceutical industry who want to improve their awareness of the latest advancements in protein engineering and antibody discovery, as well as non-scientists who seek a better understanding of the processes, challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Theme: Protein and Antibody Engineering
Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm, Friday October 4, 2013
Location: Embassy Suites, South San Francisco, CA

Online registration will be required.

Speaker Contact: Jeanne Baker
Exhibitor Contact: Abby Kochavi
Phone: 650-288-4891

Additional information on the conference can be found at