LakePharma hosts Antibody Engineering Symposium - leading Bay Area scientists attend

Added On: 2013-10-07

LakePharma hosted an Antibody Engineering Symposium for 150 attendees at the South San Francisco Embassy Suites on Friday, October 4, 2013. Participants included the Bay Area’s leading antibody engineering scientists representing AbbVie Therapeutics, Amgen, Bayer, Cell Marque, Cellerant, Dophen Biomed, Extend Biopharma FivePrime, Genentech, Gilead, Igenica, Mercin, Pfizer, Stanford, UCSF, Sutro, Trellis Bioscience, and several other Bay Area biotech companies. 

With a mix of scientific and marketing/ business topics, the event was designed to bring together individuals and organizations in the Bay Area biotech community interested in the topic. The one-day conference focused on the latest developments in antibody discovery and protein engineering, including innovative technologies shaping the next generation of protein therapeutics. “The market for monoclonal antibody therapeutics is soaring,” said LakePharma CEO Hua Tu, “and the Bay Area is home to many of the key players in the field." 

Feedback regarding the speaker presentations was positive. Click here for additional information.