LakePharma announces expanded GE Wave bioreactor capacity

Added On: 2015-03-13

LakePharma recently tripled its WAVE Bioreactor capacity, firmly cementing its place as one of the largest WAVE production facilities in the Bay Area. The expansion in the bioreactor platform allows LakePharma to continue to meet and exceed its clients' needs while increasing output in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

In light of this expanded capacity, LakePharma has updated the pricing and timelines for many of its stable cell line scale up protein production services.

10 Liter production in WAVE bioreactor: $12,000
25 Liter production in WAVE bioreactor: $19,000
40 Liter production in Eppendorf (New Brunswick) SUB: $30,000

WAVE bioreactors allow LakePharma to foster cell growth in single-use cell bags, reducing cleaning time and lowering contamination risk compared to stainless steel bioreactors. They utilize a non-invasive rocking motion that mixes while also allowing gas transfer that is productive for cell growth.

More information regarding these services can be found here.

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