The 2015 Protein Engineering Symposium wraps up

Added On: 2015-10-12

On October 2nd, LakePharma hosted its annual Protein Engineering Symposium at the South San Francisco Conference Center. The 300-plus symposium goers were treated to presentations from executives from leading biotech companies including Genetech, Sutro Biopharma, Distributed Bio, OMT Therapeutics, Synergys Biotherpeutics, Beijing Mabworks and the Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research as well as a closing presentation from LakePharma CEO Dr. Hua Tu. Topics focused on advancements in the fields of protein engineering, expression and analysis.

The symposium provided scientists an opportunity to network with colleagues throughout the field. The Exhibit Hall hosted life science vendors where attendees were able to view demonstrations of cutting edge technologies.

In a new addition from previous LakePharma symposium formats, visitors were also able to attend breakout mini sessions on various topics including purification and protein analytics and kinetics. A panel discussion on sequencing functional antibodies was hosted by Dr. Tu and featured panelists from Atreca, Inc., Distributed Bio, Single Cell Technology and OMT Therapeutics.

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