LakePharma acquires Blue Sky BioServices

Added On: 2016-03-22

LakePharma announced today that it has acquired Blue Sky BioServices.  The combined company will be known as LakePharma, and is now the largest dedicated biologics CRO in the United States, providing a broad range of protein and antibody-related development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

The combination brings together LakePharma’s world class expertise in antibody development, protein expression and characterization, molecular biology and process development with Blue Sky’s leadership in bacterial and baculovirus systems, complementary molecular biology platforms, and assay services. LakePharma will provide the biologics discovery research market with a continuum of services never before offered by a single CRO. LakePharma has nearly 100 employees working in four facilities located in the key San Francisco Bay Area and Cambridge/Boston biotech hubs.



Mark Schmeizl

VP of Client Resources