LakePharma Launches New Website and E-Service Catalog

Added On: 2016-07-26

San Carlos, California, USA

LakePharma Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website, The website has been redesigned with consideration to user-friendly interfaces, using the latest technology to enable compatibility with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Improved navigation and functionality will allow customers to access detailed information on various services:

- With LakePharma’s signature secure cloud-based portal, Datasystems, viewing real-time project data becomes a reality.

- Clients are one click away from ordering from LakePharma with the new service catalog.

- Job seekers will find an integrated online application system to aid in exploring employment opportunities.

- Interested readers can explore LakePharma’s scientific publications and blog.

- Information on LakePharma’s annual Protein Engineering Symposium is available for potential attendees.

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