LakePharma Announces Final Meeting Agenda for 2017 Protein Engineering Symposium

Added On: 2017-09-21

The Bay Area Annual Event Will Be Held on October 6th at the South San Francisco Conference Center

LakePharma, the leading, US biologics company specializing in antibody and protein engineering, cell line development, and protein production, announced the final conference agenda for its annual Protein Engineering Symposium, to be held on Friday, October 6, 2017 at the South San Francisco Conference Center, CA.  

The one-day LakePharma Protein Engineering Symposium has become a must-attend event for the last five years in the bay area. This year’s program is organized by Aaron Sato (CSO) and John “Lippy” Lippincott (VP, Antibody Discovery), with speakers from local biotech companies and academic institutions, such as AbbVie, BMS, Pfizer, Genentech, UCSF, Distributed Bio and IGM Biosciences -- to name a few. The Symposium will cover a broad array of topics, including antibody discovery, ADCs and bispecifics, novel targets and therapeutic modalities.

“LakePharma is extremely proud to provide the platform for local scientists to learn and network with colleagues throughout the field,” said Hua Tu, Ph.D, founder and CEO of LakePharma. “We had around 300 people attending the event last year. This year we look forward to seeing more researchers, more discussions, and more, new partnerships formed as a result.”

To view the symposium agenda and to register, click here.

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