#118: RENKOM Gantt: Brief Tutorial for LakePharma Clients

Added on 2021-05-10

LakePharma clients may now utilize the RENKOM Gantt tool to view and edit Gantt Charts. 

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#116: Introduction to LakePharma's Client Secure Portal (CSP)

Added on 2021-03-29

LakePharma's Client Secure Portal (CSP) is a secure cloud-based system for streamlined project management and communication that offers transparency and clarity for clients from start to finish.

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#115: Webinar on LakePharma's Coronavirus Spike Protein Antibodies: A fresh quiver of arrows against the crowned invader!

Added on 2020-10-15

Webinar on October 15

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#112: Webinar on Part 2: LakePharma Reagents & Assays for COVID-19 Antibody Response

Added on 2020-05-14

Webinar on May 14

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#111: PentaMice™: A Unique Approach to Achieve Maximum Plasma Titers for Antibody Discovery

Added on 2020-04-23

Webinar on April 23, 2020

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#110: Webinar on Part 1: LakePharma Reagents & Assays for COVID-19 Antibody Response

Added on 2020-04-15

~300 scientists attended this webinar on April 15.

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#109: LakePharma Process Development Capabilities

Added on 2020-02-21

To learn more about the process development capabilities, visit

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#108: Teaser

Added on 2020-01-13


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#105: Optimizing Protein Glycosylation and Yield with In Vitro Glycoengineering

Added on 2019-11-16

To learn more, visit

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#101: LakePharma Protein Chemistry Services: Custom Protein Labeling and Bioconjugation 

Added on 2019-08-23

To learn more, visit

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Synthetic DNA Technologies Enable Antibody Discovery and Optimization - LakePharma & Twist BioPharma

Added on 2019-06-18

Webinar on June 18, 2019

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Discovery of Potent, Functional Anti-BTLA and Anti-TIGIT mAbs using Antibody Discovery Platforms

Added on 2019-03-17

Webinar on March 17, 2019

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