Login To LakePharma's DPM System

Current clients, please log in to view your current and past projects at:http://dpm.lakepharma.com

DPM Tutorial

With LakePharma's Industry-Leading DPM (Data and Process Management) System, clients can:

  • View past and current LakePharma projects. - For each project, view the scope of the experiment, deliverables, and status updates.
  • Receive real time updates from our research staff. - In addition to posting on the project page, the system will also send notifications to the client. When clients receive the notification, the full text of the update is included, in addition to a link to view the project page.
  • Download project files directly from the project page. - The Project Manager sends updates when files are available for secure download from the project page.
  • Update contact information. - After a client logs in, password and contact information can be updated.