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LakePharma General Overview

Proteins and Antibody Production
LakePharma Molecular Construction & DNA/Protein Production Services
TunaCHO Platform for Transient Protein and Antibody Productions
Stable Cell Line Development and GMP Manufacturing of Mammalian Therapeutic Proteins (CHO-GSN)
LakePharma In Vitro Glycoengineering (IVGE) Services
LakePharma Custom Protein Labeling and Bioconjugation Services

Antibody Discovery and Engineering Services
LakePharma's Hybridoma-Based Antibody Discovery to Support CAR-T Development
Engineering Antibody Affinities via Yeast Surface Display
Generation of a Diverse VHH Phage Display Library from Naïve Llamas
Discovery and Characterization of Potent TIGIT-Specific Antibodies Derived from Very Diverse Phage Display Libraries

Assay and Developability Services
Assay and Workflow Development Services for Discovery GxP Processes
Therapeutic Antibody/Protein Developability Analysis

Viral Vector and Baculovirus Services
Viral Vector Services
Protein Manufacturing Utilizing a Titerless Baculovirus Platform

GMP Manufacturing
LakePharma Process Development
LakePharma Microbiomanufacturing Services in Massachusetts
LakePharma Integrated Solutions ASR Manufacturing