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A First-In-Class, Humanized Antibody Targeting Alternatively Spliced Tissue Factor: Preclinical Evaluation in an Orthotopic Model of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Clayton S. Lewis, Aniruddha Karve, Kateryna Matiash, Timothy Stone, Jingxing Li, Jordon K. Wang, Henri H. Versteeg, Bruce J. Aronow, Syed A. Ahmad, Pankaj B. Desai and Vladimir Y. Bogdanov

Front. Oncol., 29 July 2021

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Structural delineation of potent transmission-blocking epitope I on malaria antigen Pfs48/45.

Kundu P, Semesi A, Jore MM, Morin MJ, Price VL, Liang ALi J, Miura K, Sauerwein RW, King CR, Julien JP

Nature Communications. 2019 Oct 26. 9(1): 4485.

PMID: 30367064

Honey bee Royalactin unlocks conserved pluripotency pathway in mammals.

Wan DC, Morgan SL, Spencley AL, Mariano N, Chang EY, Shankar G, Luo Y, Li TH, Huh D, Huynh SK, Garcia JM, Dovey CM, Lumb J, Liu L, Brown KV, Bermudez A, Luong R, Zeng H, Mascetti VL, Pitteri SJ, Wang JTu H, Quarta M,

Nature Communications. 4 Dec 2018. 9(1): 5078.

PMID: 30510260

Irisin Mediates Effects on Bone and Fat via αV Integrin Receptors.

Kim H, Wrann CD, Jedrychowski M, Vidoni S, Kitase Y, Nagano K, Zhou C, Chou J, Parkman VA, Novick SJ, Strutzenberg TS, Pascal BD, Le PT, Brooks DJ, Roche AM, Gerber KK, Mattheis L, Chen WTu H, Bouxsein ML, Griffin PR

Cell. 13 Dec 2018. 175(7): 1756-1768.E17.

PMID: 30550785

A Chimeric Antibody against ACKR3/CXCR7 in Combination with TMZ Activates Immune Responses and Extends Survival in Mouse GBM Models.

Salazar N, Carlson JC, Huang K, Zheng Y, Oderup C, Gross J, Jang AD, Burke TM, Lewén S, Scholz A, Huang S, Nease L, Kosek J, Mittelbronn M, Butcher EC, Tu H, Zabel BA

Mol Ther. 2018 May 2. 26(5): 1354-1365.

PMID: 29606504

A Mucosal and Cutaneous Chemokine Ligand for the Lymphocyte Chemoattractant Receptor GPR15.

Ocon B, Pan J, Dinh T, Chen W, Ballet R, Bscheider M, Habtezion A, Tu H, Zabel BA, Butcher E

Front Immunol. 2017 Sep 7. 8(1111): .

PMID: 28936214

Isolation of lung multipotent stem cells using a novel microfluidic magnetic activated cell sorting system.

Zeng L, Qiu L, Yang XT, Zhou YH, Du J, Wang HY, Sun JH, Yang C1, Jiang JX

Cell Biol Int. 2015 Nov. 39(11): 1348-53.

PMID: 26174412

Robust expansion of dendritic cells in vivo by hydrodynamic FLT3L-FC gene transfer.

Tu H, Burke TM, Oderup C, Huang K, Wong K, Lewen S, LaJevic M, Zabel B

J Immunol Methods. 2014 Jul 24. S0022-1759(14): 00227-0.

PMID: 25066631

Monoclonal antibody humanness score and its applications.

Gao SH, Huang K, Tu H, and Adler AS.

BMC Biotechnology. 2013, Jul 5. 13(1): 55.

PMID: 23826749

Beige adipocytes are a distinct type of thermogenic fat cell in mouse and human.

Wu J, Bostrom P, Sparks LM, Ye L, Choi JH, Giang AH, Khandekar M, Virtanen KA, Nuutila P, Schaart G, Huang K, Tu H, van Marken Lichtenbelt WD, Hoeks J, Enerback S, Schrauwen P, Spiegelman BM.

Cell. 2012 Jul 20. 150(2): 366-76.

PMID: 22796012

Expression, regulation, and function of atypical chemerin receptor CCRL2 on endothelial cells.

Monnier J, Lewen S, O'Hara E, Huang KTu H, Butcher EC, Zabel BA.

J Immunol. 2012 Jul 15. 189(2): 956-67.

PMID: 22696441

A PGC1-α-dependent myokine that drives brown-fat-like development of white fat and thermogenesis.

Bostrom P, Wu J, Jedrychowski MP, Korde A, Ye L, Lo JC, Rasbach KA, Bostrom EA, Choi JH, Long JZ, Kajimura S, Zingaretti MC, Vind BF, Tu H, Cinti S, Hojlund K, Gygi SP, Spiegelman BM.

Nature. 2012 Jan 11. 481(7382): 463-8.

PMID: 22237023

Regulation of chemerin chemoattractant and antibacterial activity by human cysteine cathepsins.

Kulig P, Kantyka T, Zabel BA, Banas M, Chyra A, Stefanska A, Tu H, Allen SJ, Handel TM, Kozik A, Potempa J, Butcher EC, Cichy J

J Immunol. 2011 Aug 1. 187(3): 1403-10.

PMID: 21715684