LakePharma is a biologics company with a keen focus on continuous improvement, developing and implementing advanced technologies that have produced the highest standards in quality and efficiency. On our path to become the #1 biologics and protein engineering CRO, we recognize the critical importance of advanced technology and are actively building the most advanced manufacturing systems in the industry. Some areas of focus are highlighted below.

High Throughput Platforms

  • DNA Synthesis
  • DNA Cloning
  • Protein Expression: E. coli, P. Pastoris, Insect (baculovirus), Mammalian (HEK293 & CHO)
  • Protein Purification

Gene expression

  • High yield expression vectors
  • Multicistronic vector optimization

Antibody Discovery & Engineering

  • Whole Cell Immunizations (UberCellTM) for functional antibodies against membrane targets
  • High Efficiency Fusion with proprietary myeloma
  • Humanized Immunoglobulin Transgenic Mouse (Trianni Mouse)
  • High throughput antibody cloning
  • High throughput recombinant antibody production
  • Antibody display platforms
  • Library design, generation, and screening
  • Informatics that facilitate antibody screening

Cell engineering and process development

  • Rapid generation of high-yield stable cell lines
  • Cost-effective high density cell culture
  • Single-use manufacturing

De novo antibody sequencing

Lab automation and integration

  • High throughput protein purification
  • Sensors and IT infrastructure
  • Automated data capture, analysis, and security