Formulation Development

The correct formulation ensures the product stability and shelf life of proteins and antibodies. Utilizing a full range of pre-formulation analytic technologies, LakePharma can structure highly efficient, fully integrated formulation development programs. They include excipient compatibility studies as well as process and analytical method development which can easily be transferred to late development and commercial supply. This approach reduces the risk of costly reformulation at later stages and facilitates streamlined tech transfer.

LakePharma approaches each formulation project with the commercial product in mind. Whether your goal is to out-license or follow through to commercialization, we can help you quickly develop a formulation that achieves manufacturability and maximizes value.

Key Highlights

Rapid Formulation Studies for Drug Candidates

  • Formulation studies can be completed in 5 - 6 weeks, including standard 2 weeks of incubation for accelerated stress conditions

Robust Bioanalytical Assays and Formulation Studies with Minimal Materials Required

  • Standard panel includes common formulations used for commercial antibodies
  • Various bioanalytical assays and characterization tools are provided
  • A small amount of materials are needed for the bioanalytical assays and formulation studies