Developability Analysis

Evaluating the developability of therapeutic drug candidates early can help circumvent potential issues in late-stage development. These evaluations include the drug candidate’s biophysical and chemical properties assessment. At LakePharma, in silico predictive tools and a series of fast & small-scale assessments are employed to serve as additional selection criteria for better and safe therapeutic leads.

LakePharma offers three developability assessment packages: 


Therapeutic drug developability assessment package 1Therapeutic drug developability assessment package 2Therapeutic drug developability assessment package 3


Key Highlights

In silico Analysis: Application of Bioinformatic Tools

  •   Heavy and light chain variable region liability analysis
  •   VH and VL analysis with identification of core residues with potential affinity to MHC class II

Rapid Integrity Assessments and Formulation Studies for Drug Candidates

  •   Polyspecificity and integrity assessment can be completed in 2-3 weeks
  •   Formulation studies can be completed in 5 - 6 weeks, including the standard 2 weeks of incubation for accelerated stress conditions

Robust Bioanalytical Assays and Formulation Studies with Minimal Materials Required

  •   The standard panel includes common formulations used for commercial antibodies
  •   Various bioanalytical assays and characterization tools are provided
  •   A small amount of materials are needed for the bioanalytical assays and formulation studies 

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Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1000 Developability Package 1 1 week Request
2000 Developability Package 2 3 weeks Request
3000 Developability Package 3 6 weeks Request
60000 Bioanalytical Setup Fee (may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples) Request