De novo Antibody Discovery

In addition to hybridoma development, LakePharma is proud to provide de novo antibody discovery on the following platforms:

1. Naïve FAB Phage Library: licensed from XOMA

       1) Large size: >1011

       2) Full human repertoire

       3) High percentage of open reading frames

       4) Clinical validation: several antibodies in clinical trials

2. Naïve Fab Phage Libraries: from Moradec, for example

       1) >10^9 diversity

       2) 30 fully human HC frameworks, 20 LC frameworks

       3) kappa lambda even distribution

3. Yeast Display Libraries

4. Antigen Specific Immune Libraries

       1) Llama, mouse, rat, rabbit, and chicken libraries

       2) Custom library construction and screening: antibody, protein, and peptide

Please contact LakePharma at for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Synthetic scFv Phage Library Screening TBD TBD Request
Custom Naive FAB Phage Library Screening TBD TBD Request
Custom Custom Immune Library Construction and Screening TBD TBD Request

1. Several rounds of phage panning will be performed against individual antigens provided by client. Each antigen will be biotinylated for capture panning or solution panning upon the client's request.

2. Eluted phage clones will be screened by ELISA after the final round of panning.

3. Positive phage clones will be sequenced and analyzed.

4. scFv, Fab, or VHH  DNA from ELISA positive phage clones will be reformatted to full-length IgG and produced.

5. IgGs will be tested for binding by ELISA.

6. IgG affinity will be measured and ranked by SPR and/or Octet kinetic analysis.

Biotinylated or non-biotinylated antigen for panning and screening

1. ELISA data and sequence data of phage clones from latest rounds of panning for each antigen

2. Purified antibody and affinity ranking data of antibodies analyzed as full-length IgG