Hybridoma Campaign

Hybridoma development is a powerful technology for generating monoclonal antibodies, which have widespread application both as therapeutics and as research tools. Hybridomas are created by fusing antibody-producing B cells from immunized rodents to an immortal myeloma cell line, resulting in a hybrid cell line that retains the antibody-producing properties of the B cell and the ability to reproduce in tissue culture from the myeloma. LakePharma will develop appropriate immunization and screening methods to raise monoclonal antibodies with the desired properties to an antigen of interest.

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
24120 Hybridoma Antibody Discovery Inquire Inquire Request

1. Immunize rodent (mouse or rat) with immunogen in suitable adjuvant.

2. Determine titer using appropriate assay.

3. Once sufficient titer is reached, fuse lymphocytes to myeloma fusion partner, and apply selection to eliminate unfused cells.

4. Screen hybridomas using an appropriate assay.

5. Subclone and rescreen positives to ensure clonality and stability.

1. Immunogen

2. Information on desired antibody properties

3. Method and reagents for titering and screening

Frozen vials of hybridoma cells from positive subclones