In Vitro Phage Display and Yeast Display

LakePharma offers phage and eukaryotic-based yeast display platforms for in vitro discovery and engineering of potent antibody candidates for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

• High affinity functional antibodies are routinely selected against a wide range of conventional or challenging targets (e.g. GPCRs) using customized or in-licensed state-of-the-art libraries.

• Multiple antibody scaffolds (llama VHH, scFv, Fab, reformatted IgG) can be delivered upon request.

• LakePharma's unparalleled in vitro antibody discovery capabilities can be bundled with unique lead optimization, characterization, and downstream large-scale GMP production, therefore providing the entire spectrum of early to late-stage antibody drug generation services.


LakePharma's Phage Display Antibody Discovery Services

Strategy design for phage display phage library construction from LakePharma Screening and selection in phage display Primary and secondary functional screens for phage display Lead antibody characterization



Key Highlights


Multiple antibody libraries for antibody discovery at LakePharma

Multiple Antibody Library Options Available
•  Custom immune phage and yeast display libraries (VHH, scFv, Fab)
•  Naive scFv and Fab phage libraries (e.g. XOMA libraries)
•  Synthetic antibody libraries (e.g. Twist Biopharma libraries)

Generation of immune libraries from multiple species

Generation of Immune Libraries from Multiple Species
•  Llama, mice, rats, rabbits, and chicken 

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Automation enables high throughput

Automation Enables High Throughput and Shortens Timelines 
•  HT kinetic characterization and epitope binning by Carterra LSA 
•  HT liquid handling enables screening of multiple clones

High performance technologies enable antibody discovery

High-Performance Technologies Enable Discovery of Antibodies Against Challenging Targets
•  LakePharma's library portfolio includes Twist Biopharma GPCR libraries


Download Antibody Discovery brochure  Download PEGS Presentation - Integrated Solutions for Antibody Discovery and Beyond  View webinar: Discovery of Potent, Functional mAbs using Hybridoma and Phage Display Platforms Introduction to antibody libraries eBook
Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Custom Immune VHH/scFv/Fab Phage Library Construction and Screening Inquire Inquire Request
Custom Custom Immune VHH/scFv Yeast Library Construction and Screening Inquire Inquire Request
Custom Naive VHH/scFv/Fab Phage Library Screening Inquire Inquire Request
Custom Antibody Discovery with Synthetic Twist Libraries Inquire Inquire Request