Antibody Discovery & Engineering


The Antibody Center at LakePharma provides end-to-end services in antibody discovery, engineering, and development. Our process starts with listening to your project needs and then devising a customized scope of work for the delivery of your next panel of molecules.  Whether you need an IgG, scFv, Fab, VHH or multiple formats, our technical teams and leadership partner with you to help deliver the right molecules with the function, selectivity, and cross-reactivity that you need. You have access to multiple technology platforms with optimized workflows for immunizations, panning and screening, cloning and sequencing, humanization, and affinity maturation. 

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"LakePharma was a great partner; very helpful, focused, and committed. Thank you for your antibody engineering and production services which made this project a success."

- Maria Day, ImmuNext

LakePharma is proud to contribute to ImmuNext's success.
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