Phage and Yeast Display

LakePharma offers phage and eukaryotic-based yeast display platforms for in vitro discovery and engineering of potent antibody candidates for therapeutic or diagnostic use. High-affinity functional antibodies are routinely selected against a wide range of conventional or challenging targets (e.g. GPCRs) using customized or in-licensed state-of-the-art libraries. Multiple antibody scaffolds (llama VHH, scFv, Fab, reformatted IgG) can be delivered upon request. LakePharma's unparalleled in vitro antibody discovery capabilities can be bundled with unique lead optimization, characterization, and downstream large-scale GMP production, therefore providing the entire spectrum of early to late-stage antibody-drug generation services.

Comprehensive service includes:

  • Strategy design
  • Access to naïve (including XOMA031 and XOMA040 libraries with a full human repertoire), semi-synthetic, or immune libraries of scFvs, Fabs or llama VHH and custom library screening. 
  • Primary and secondary functional screens (multiple hits)
  • Lead antibody characterizations:
    • Kinetics and epitope binning using Octet® or Carterra® LSA
    • Ligand blocking
    • ELISA 
    • Cell assays

LakePharma's Phage Display Antibody Discovery Services

Strategy design for phage display phage library construction from LakePharmaScreening and selection in phage displayPrimary and secondary functional screens for phage displayLead antibody characterization

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Download Infographic: Unique VHH Antibodies from Diverse Yeast & Phage Display Llama Immune Libraries

Discovery of Potent, Functional Anti-BTLA, and Anti-TIGIT Monoclonal Antibodies using Hybridoma and Phage Display Platform webinar recording available NOW!

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Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1014 Synthetic Phage Library Antibody Discovery Campaign 3 to 5 months Request
1015 Naive Phage Library Antibody Discovery Campaign 3 to 5 months Request
1016 Custom Immune Phage/Yeast Antibody Discovery Campaign 4 to 6 months Request