Affinity Maturation

At LakePharma, we employ state-of-the-art antibody affinity maturation methodologies, followed by high throughput screening to increase target binding affinity:

       1. Antibody heavy and light chain CDR randomization

       2. Light chain shuffling antibody libraries using pools of B cells derived from human donors

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
24110 Affinity maturation TBD TBD Request

1. Conjugate the target antigen to magnetic beads and a fluorophore, if not provided by client.

2. Establish the base line antigen binding using surface displayed antibody.

3. Design and construct focused libraries and screen for higher binding affinity.

4. Library screening based on antigen binding.

5. Isolate top 10 antibody clones, and measure binding affinity in comparison to starting antibody.

6. Recover DNA sequences of confirmed clones.

7. Express and purify 100 ug protein.

8. Measure kinetic binding affinity of affinity-matured antibodies in comparison to starting antibody using Biacore or Octet.

1. Sequence of VH and VL

2. DNA template (if DNA synthesis is not desired)

3. Target antigen

1. Top three antibodies based on antigen binding affinity

2. 100 ug purified antibody for the three top clones

3. Study report