Affinity Measurement

We employ two very powerful platforms to determine the kinetic properties of antibody-antigen interactions:

     1. Array SPR (Carterra LSA) for full kinetic characterization of antibody-target interactions,

         also used for antibody fragments expressed in crude periplasmic extracts

     2. BLI-based Octet system

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Click here for a case study of epitope binning using Carterra LSA from PEGS 2018 presentation. 

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24160 Affinity Measurement TBD TBD Request

1. Antibody is captured on the biacore chip or BLI sensor using an appropriate method.

2. Association and dissociation is measured on the Biacore T100 or the ForteBio Octet QKe using varying concentrations of antigen and the kD is calculated using an appropriate curve-fitting mode.

1. Antibody

2. Antigen

Study report