Epitope Binning and Mapping

Epitope binning investigates the sequential binding of two antibodies to an antigen. We use two great platforms in order to test the ability of multiple antibodies to block each other’s binding to the antigen. Antibodies with similar blocking profiles are grouped into bins specific to the same or overlapping epitopes. 

     1. State-of-the-art array-based SPR (Carterra LSA) for high throughput epitope binning

     2. BLI platform-based Octet system

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Click here for a case study of epitope binning using Carterra LSA from PEGS 2018 presentation. 

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Epitope Binning and Mapping TBD TBD Request

Antigen is immobilized onto a biolayer interferometry (BLI) sensor using an appropriate method. Antibody 1 is allowed to saturate its epitope on the antigen.

Binding of Antibody 2 to antigen saturated with Antibody 1 is assessed. 

- 100 ug each of purified antibody

- 100 ug of purified antigen

-Study Report