FcRy Binding Assays and FcRn Binding Assays

Measuring an antibody’s affinity to the Fcγ receptors has become an integral part of biotherapeutics development. LakePharma has established a standard human Fcγ receptor panel binding assay in a high throughput format using the BLI platform. This in vitro binding assay can also be used for quality control purposed in parallel with functional cell-based ADCC. Additionally, LakePharma offers clients an FcRn binding assay to study pH-dependent interaction of antibody with the neonatal Fc-receptor (FcRn) in high throughput and easy to use format. The outcome of the study will enhance overall understanding of the antibody and demonstrate comparability in the development of biosimilars. 

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
24190 Fcγ and FcRn receptor panel binding assay 1-2 weeks TBD $4000 per antibody

The panel is performed using Octet Red96 (ForteBio):

- his-tagged receptors are immobilized onto anti-His biosensors

- the loaded biosensors are dipped into a dilution series of the antibody

- the on- (Kon) and off-rates (Koff) are measured and the KD value is calculated

100 µg of purified antibody.

Study Report.

Please click here to view a case study in PDF format.