Antibody Functional Characterization

LakePharma offers a full array of custom antibody characterization strategies for lead identification and functional analysis. We provide a wide variety of functional bioassays to determine antibody activities including effector cell mechanisms of action, T-cell stimulation and proliferation, and immune checkpoint pathway analysis. Custom cell-based or reporter gene bioassays can also be designed to characterize candidate antibodies.

LakePharma’s Antibody Center provides end-to-end services in antibody discovery, engineering, and development. We can help functionally characterize your antibodies at every stage of this process. Other characterization services include an assortment of platforms for affinity measurements which include SPR, BLI, ELISA, and flow cytometry. FcRγ and FcRn binding assays and epitope binning services are also offered. 

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Additional antibody characterization service categories include:

Affinity Measurement (SPR, BLI, ELISA, FACS) 

FcRγ Binding Assays and FcRn Binding Assays 

Epitope Binning and Mapping