Primary T-Cell Functional Assays

T-cell based immunotherapy strategies have become increasingly important in disease treatments that harness the human immune system. LakePharma offers a variety of assays for characterizing T-cell activity with candidate antibodies.

    1. T-cell activation and proliferation assays include stimulation with staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB), cytomegalovirus (CMV) recall antigen, and anti-CD3 antibodies.

    2. Assay readouts include cytokine measurement by ELISA or FACS.

    3. T-regulatory suppression assays.

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom T-cell Stimulation Assay 3-4 weeks per 96-well plate Request
Custom T-cell Proliferation Assay 3-4 weeks per 96-well plate Request
Custom CMV Recall Assay 3-4 weeks per 96-well plate Request
Custom T-Reg Suppression Assay 2-3 weeks per 96-well plate Request


1. PBMCs, SEB, and test antibodies are co-incubated for 3 days

2. IL-2 concentrations measured by ELISA or FACS



1. PBMCs, anti-CD3 antibodies (can be plate bound, soluble, or anti-CD3 coated beads), test antibodies, and CSFE dye are co-incubated for 3 days

2. Samples harvest and stained with anti-CD4

3. T-cell proliferation assessed by FACS



1. Incubate PBMCs from CMV-positive donors with CMV pp65 peptide pool and test antibodies for 3 days.

2. IFN-γ ELISA performed on collected supernatants.



1. PBMCs isolated, T-reg population sorted.

2. Unsorted PBMCs labeled with CFSE

3. Co-incubation with T-reg cells, PBMCs, test antibodies for 4 days

4. T-reg suppression measured by FACS



Test antibodies

Studay report