Antibody Production

LakePharma has extensive experience with constructing and producing antibodies in our mammalian platforms. Antibody variable region genes (VH and VL) from a given antibody can be reformatted to encode a different constant region and other antibody-like molecules including Fab, scFv, and bispecific molecules. Multiple species and isotypes are available, with the option of synthesizing the constant region of choice.

These expression constructs can be expressed in HEK293 and CHO cells followed by protein purification, and rapidly produced at scales ranging from milligram to gram quantities. We also offer high throughput 96-block antibody productions to fit your antibody screening needs.


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New - Intact Mass Spec Analysis for All Recombinant Antibody Productions

High resolution mass spectrometers have achieved significant resolving power for large molecules. At LakePharma we apply this unparalleled analytical capability to all recombinant antibodies we produce for our clients to enhance the quality standard, for peace of mind.

Antibodies are treated with PNGase F to remove N-glycans and reduced with DTT prior to intact mass analysis. The resulting spectra not only provide the accurate molecular weights of the antibody sample, but can also identify common modifications such as N-terminal pyroglutamate formation or C-terminal cleavage.

The spectra are included in our Certificates of Analysis. This QC step does not apply to non-standard antibodies such as scFv, bispecifics, antibody fusion proteins, antibody-drug conjugates, and antibodies with engineered sequences and PTM sites, etc.

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"LakePharma was a great partner; very helpful, focused, and committed. Thank you for your antibody engineering and production services which made this project a success."

- Maria Day, ImmuNext

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