High Throughput 96-Block Antibody Production

LakePharma's 96-Well Antibody Production is a fast and cost-effective way to produce large quantity of antibodies for fast antigen binding assay and productivity screening.

Starting from gene synthesis, 96 antibodies will be constructed, produced, purified, and delivered in 5 to 7 weeks.

View PDF file on TunaCHO for high yield transient antibody and protein production.

Please contact LakePharma at inquiries@lakepharma.com for custom quotes and details.

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Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
27680 96-batch molecular construction of IgG expression vectors, 0.01 L transient production in HEK293 cells (Tuna293™ Process), Protein A purification 5-6 weeks 96 $91,200
28680 96-batch molecular construction of IgG expression vectors, 0.01 L transient production in CHO cells (TunaCHO™ Process, 14-day extended production), Protein A purification 6-7 weeks 96 $145,950
  1. Molecular construction of IgG expression constructs in LakePharma’s proprietary vector (synthesize variable regions)

  2. DNA scale-ups (midiprep scale), including sequence confirmation

  3. 0.01 liter transient productions in HEK293 cells (HTP Tuna293™ Process) or CHO cells (HTP TunaCHO™ Process)

  4. HTP Protein A purifications

  5. Intact Mass Spec (reducing and deglycosylated) QC


1. VH and VL sequences for 96 antibodies.

2. DNA template (if DNA synthesis is not desired)

3. Specified constant region for all 96 antibodies. Additioinal fees may apply for more than one heavy chain and one light chain.


Please note: one constant region must be specified for all 96 antibodies.


  1. All purified protein in HEPES (100 mM, 100 mM NaCl, 50 mM NaOAc, pH 6.0) and unadjusted concentration obtained from elution, frozen in 96-well plate

  2. Study Report

  3. Certificate of Analysis including summary of yields and aliquots

  4. Mass Spec match/flag report


Additional service options:  

  1. Sterile filtration: $1000/plate

  2. Individual aliquots: $1200/plate