Catalog #1527 - High-throughput production service 96-well (Tuna293™ process)

High-throughput production service 96-well (Tuna293™ process)


High-throughput molecular construction (synthesize variable regions), DNA scale-up, 0.01 L transient production in HEK293 cells (Tuna293™ process), and Protein A purification 

  • DNA sequence confirmation is included
  • Intact mass QC by mass spectrometry is included for standard human and mouse IgGs only

  1. Molecular construction of IgG expression constructs in LakePharma’s proprietary vector (synthesize variable regions)
  2. DNA scale-ups (midiprep scale), including sequence confirmation
  3. 0.01 liter transient productions in HEK293 cells (HTP Tuna293™ process)
  4. HTP Protein A purification
  5. Intact mass spec QC (reduced and deglycosylated conditions), complimentary for standard human and mouse IgGs only

  • All purified protein in standard buffer and unadjusted concentration obtained from 0.01 liter productions, frozen in 96-well deep well plate
  • Study Report
  • Summary of yields and aliquots
  • Mass Spec report

Additional service options:  
Individual aliquots: $1200/plate

Material Required:

1. VH and VL sequences for 96 antibodies.

2. DNA template (if DNA synthesis is not desired)

3. Specified constant region for all 96 antibodies. Additioinal fees may apply for more than one heavy chain and one light chain.

Note: One constant region for heavy chain and light chain must be specified for all 96 antibodies.

5-6 Weeks