Hybridoma Scale-Up

Hybridoma development is a powerful technology for generating monoclonal antibodies, which have widespread applications both as therapeutics and research tools. Hybridomas are created by fusing antibody-producing B cells from immunized rodents to an immortal myeloma cell line, resulting in a hybrid cell line that retains the antibody-producing properties of the B cell and the ability to reproduce in tissue culture from the myeloma. LakePharma develops the appropriate immunization and screening methods to raise monoclonal antibodies with the desired properties to an antigen of interest.  

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Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1064 Hybridoma Scale Up Production up to 200 L TBD Request
24140 Cell line establishment, contamination testing, cell bank preparation and small scale expression optimization 10-12 weeks $4,100
24145 1 liter expression and one-step affinity purification 2-3 weeks $3,900
24150 1 liter expression and one-step affinity purification and SEC polishing 2-3 weeks $5,400