LakePharma offers a full line of protein analytical services. Latest advances in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques enable LakePharma to perform high resolution characterization of protein samples at a reasonable cost for all researchers. 

LakePharma's protein analytical services can identify a protein by molecular weight, sequence confirm the primary structure of a protein and detect post translational modifications, characterize a protein by aggregation, thermostability, size, charge, and pI, measure a protein's purity/impurity, determine the amino acid sequences of a purified protein sample or discover the amino acid sequence of an antibody, compare one protein or antibody sample to a second sample or biosimilar molecule, and more.

While the services and details are listed on the left, clients are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with LakePharma. Please contact for more information. 

New - Intact mass spec analysis for all recombinant antibody productions.