Charge Variant Analysis by cIEF

We provide two methods to analyze the charge variant of your protein and antibody: cIEF and IEX-HPLC. cIEF, or capillary isoelectric focusing, uses a capillary-based method in order to separate the charge variants. IEX-HPLC, or ion exchange HPLC, is a liquid chromatographic technique in which proteins are separated depending on their net charge.


Key benefits:

     1. Multiple choices to analyze the charge variants of your antibody

     2. Strong capabilities in characterizing various types of large molecules

     3. Help you understand how the charge variant impact your lead molecules 

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
62400 Charge Variant Analysis 1-2 weeks each sample $630
Custom Custom Charge Variant Analysis TBD Each sample Request
Note: a $500 setup fee may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples.

Catalog 62400:

The antibody/protein sample is mixed with a combination of ampholytes, additives, and pI markers and submitted to the iCE3 instrument (ProteinSimple).


Note: the above quoted prices are based on analysis using LakePharma’s standardized methods, proven to work for a majority of antibodies and proteins. Method development may be necessary for atypical proteins with unique properties for an additional fee.

1. 100 ug of purified protein at ≥2 mg/mL

2. Expected pI value


Please complete and include a Bioanalytical Sample Submission Form with any proteins or antibodies you send to LakePharma for analysis

Report with results.