Manufacturability Analysis

Antibody titer determination by Protein A-HPLC is more robust, reliable, and reproducible than ELISA, and is especially useful for monitoring antibody productivity during single cell cloning during the development of manufacturing-quality antibody cell lines.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
64300 Antibody Titer Determination 1-2 weeks each sample $150

1. Clarified culture media (CCM) is directly injected into protein A-HPLC column with UV detection

2. Titer analysis is performed by comparing the sample with an antibody standard

Sample size: clarified culture media (CCM) > 0.3 mL (minimum titer: 50 mg/L)
Purified IgG (for std. curve): 0.5 mg (at 1 mg/mL)
Minimum of 5 samples
Formulation: freeze-dried or dissolved in 1X PBS or equivalent buffers
Filtration: filtered with 0.22 uμm filters


Required information:
Any information on solubility and/or stability of the test article


Please complete and include a Sample Submission form with any proteins or antibodies you send to LakePharma for analysis

Report with antibody titer in clarified culture media