N-glycan Analysis

We employ two methods for glycan analysis: a capillary electrophoresis (CE-) based method and a mass spectrometry based method. If you want to know the absolute quantification of common glycosylations, we recommend the CE-based method. If you want to know all types of glycosylation and their locations, we recommend mass spectrometry.


Key benefits:

     1. Multiple methods to analyze the N-glycan profile

     2. Experienced scientist help to choose the right method

     3. Proficient Interpretion to ensure your product quality


Please contact inquiries@lakepharma.com for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
63110 N-Glycan Analysis (Man5, G0, G0F, G1, G1’, G1F, G1’F, G2, G2F) 1 week each sample $700
63120 N-glycan Analysis by LC-MS/MS 2 week each sample $1200
Note: a $500 setup fee may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples.

Catalog 63110:

1. Samples are deglycosylated using a PNGase F treatment

2. Released glycans are fluorescently labelled

3. Separation by microchip based CE-SDS

4. Observed peaks are compared against a set of N-glycan standards (Man5, G0, G0F, G1, G1`, G1F, G1`F, G2, G2F) for identification.


Catalog 63120:

1. The antibody/protein of interest is denatured, reduced, and digested with one or more proteolytic enzymes, such as trypsin.

2. The resulting peptide mixtures are submitted to a reverse-phase HPLC coupled to a mass spectrometer.

3. The mass spectra is compared against the target protein sequence and the glycans of interests are identified (if present).


Note: the above quoted prices are based on analysis using LakePharma’s standardized methods, proven to work for a majority of antibodies and proteins. Method development may be necessary for atypical proteins with unique properties for an additional fee.

1. 100 ug of purified protein at ≥1 mg/mL

2. Target protein sequence (Catalog 63120)


Please complete and include a Bioanalytical Sample Submission Form with any proteins or antibodies you send to LakePharma for analysis

Study report.