Protein and Antibody Purity Analysis by CE-SDS

We apply a high throughput method - microchip capillary electrophoresis-based separation (Microchip CE-SDS, PerkinElmer LabChip GXII system) - to analyze your protein or antibody’s purity. With this advanced technology, we are able to provide accurate and quantifiable results for your antibody purity analysis. It is time efficient and introduces minimal sample preparation artifacts. 


Key benefits:

     1. Approximate protein size, purity and homogeneity

     2. Increased accuracy and quantitation capabilities

     3. Reproducibility


Please contact for custom quotes and details.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
64200 CE-SDS analysis, one sample, reducing conditions 3 days each sample $80
64201 CE-SDS analysis, one sample, non-reducing conditions 3 days each sample $80
Note: a $500 setup fee may be applied to any bioanalytical assay containing <10 samples.

Samples are denatured and/or reduced followed by CE-SDS analysis.


Note: the above quoted prices are based on analysis using LakePharma’s standardized methods, proven to work for a majority of antibodies and proteins. Method development may be necessary for atypical proteins with unique properties for an additional fee.

1. 100 ug of purified protein at ≥1 mg/mL

2. Expected molecular weight of target protein

3. (Optional) 10 mL blank buffer formulation


Please complete and include a Bioanalytical Sample Submission Form with any proteins or antibodies you send to LakePharma for analysis

Study report.