Biochemical Assays

LakePharma performs a wide variety of biochemical assays to support drug discovery efforts in both the small and large molecule arenas. Our Assay team has a broad experience base traditional enzyme kinetic analyses and ligand-binding assays as well as cutting edge kinetic analysis utilizing Octet Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) utilizing a wide variety of readouts and technologies. The assay team leverages the full menu of Multimode Readers, Genetic Assay Technologies, and Analytical Instruments available across LakePharma. A variety of liquid handling technologies and platforms are available to support studies at a small scale as well as at full HTS scale.

Assay Type Highlights:

    • Enzyme Activity and Kinetic Evaluation
    • Binding Affinity Determinations
    • Immunoassays
    • Membrane Prep Ligand-binding Assays
    • HTS/Structure activity relation (SAR) screening and Secondary screen potency determinations
    • Full customization of workflow and assay formats available

Assay Format/Technology Highlights:

    • Fluorescent/Luminescence:  HTRF, FP, FRET, AlphaLISA, AlphaScreen, Glo, Luciferase
    • ELISA-Based:  Meso Scale Discovery ECL and traditional TMB
    • Spectrophotometric Abs and Radiometric Readouts
    • HPLC and LC/MS methodologies
    • Full Custom Development; Discovery through cGxP Assay Support

Liquid Handling Highlights:

    • Formulatrix Tempest Automated Dispenser Platform
    • 96/384 Channel Pipettors from Integra Biosciences and Apricot Technologies
    • Tecan d300e Digital Dispenser
    • Labcyte Echo 550 (3rd Party Collaboration)

Catalog # Name Timeline Price
1057 Customized Biochemical Assays TBD Request