Multiplex Assays Using NanoString Solutions

LakePharma is an authorized partner of NanoString, a leader in direct multiplexed digital barcode technology that enables simultaneous quantification of DNA, RNA, and proteins in any combinations. LakePharma offers a full suite of multiplex services including:

- Upstream study design and study execution
- Sample preparation/extraction
- Full cell-based/tissue-based treatment workflows from virtually any starting materials

LakePharma also offers other bioassays to facilitate the client's workflow from simple compound/biologic treatment of cell lines through processing of thousands of clinical tissue samples and multiple analytic readouts for R&D and GMP. 


LakePharma's Multiplex Assay Services

Study design - LakePharma will have a consultation to understand your goals Sample preparation for multiplex assays, which includes sample generation and reagent ordering Multiplex analysis using NanoString nCounter



About the NanoString Platforms

NanoString nCounter platformsThe NanoString nCounter® platform is a complete solution for detecting and counting large sets of molecules using solution-phase hybridization, immobilization, and fluorescence scanning.

- Multiplexes up to 800 targets (mRNA, microRNA, DNA, or proteins) in a single reaction
- Requires no amplification or enzymatic reactions 
- High sensitivity, precision, and reproducibility
- Utilizes small sample quantities (10 - 100 ng RNA, 300 ng gDNA)
- Works with diverse sample types: purified RNA, cell lysates, blood, tissue, FFPE samples, and ChIP DNA
- Fast turnaround - in as little as 4 working days

To learn more about NanoString technology, please download presentation


About LakePharma's NanoString Platforms

LakePharma's nCounter FLEX Analysis System with Dx Enablement

LakePharma's nCounter FLEX Analysis System with Dx Enablement consists of two robotic nCounter Prep Stations for sample processing as well as an nCounter Digital Analyzer for data collection. The systems can operate at a throughput of 96 samples per day. 



- Targeted analysis of complex gene expression networks
- Gene expression (mRNA)
- ncRNA (miRNA, siRNA, piRNA, IncRNA)
- miRGE analysis (miRNA and mRNA at the same time)
- Protein and protein modifications
- Characterization of gene fusions and splice/single nucleotide variants
- Validation of NGS data
- Copy number variation analysis
- ChIP screening (ChIP-String)


Download LakePharma NanoString Presentation

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Multiplex Assays Using NanoString Platform Please Inquire Each Please Inquire

The LakePharma team is willing to work with clients to accommodate a wide range of multiplex assays. Please contact us to discuss your needs.  

Sample Submission Requirements 

The assays type and sample matrix type determine the minimum volume and concentration needed. Please see the NanoString nCounter Analysis sample requirements guide for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a thorough discussion of your project and experimental goals.


Reagent Selection and Study Design

NanoString offers a variety of pre-designed, off-the-shelf assays. Additionally, clients can work with LakePharma/NanoString directly to design a custom Gene Expression or Copy Number Variation code set tailored exactly to specific needs. This is especially useful for organisms that don't already have pre-built panels, hard-to-target sequences, splice variation and fusion transcript detection. The custom CodeSet design process begins by selecting a list of targets and submitting them to NanoString. Once the design is approved, the NanoString Manufacturing Group will assemble the requested CodeSet, perform extensive quality control testing, and ship all components directly to LakePharma for processing. Custom CodeSet pricing is matrix-based, with the price per data point declining with increasing numbers of genes and numbers of samples assayed.

Full study reports will be delivered.