QC Analytical & Bioassay

LakePharma offers a full service GMP EU, USP and FDA compliant testing laboratory for any analytical, bioassay and microbiology services. 

These include the following tests:

       - Raw Material testing

       - Identification

       - Visual Appearance

       - Sterility (USP <71>) and Bioburden

       - Purity and Concentration

       - DNA Homogeneity

       - pH, Osmolality, and Conductivity

       - Mycoplasma (qPCR)

       - Endotoxin (Kinetic Chromogenic and Turbidimetric LAL)

       - Residual Host Protein, RNA and/or Genomic DNA

       - Restriction Digest, Western Blot and SDS page

Please contact LakePharma at inquiries@lakepharma.com for more information.

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