Cell Line Development

LakePharma provides stable cell line development services for in vitro assays, small-scale bioproduction, and large-scale GMP manufacturing. Developed from the same CHO-K1 parental cell line, LakePharma also offers three CHO expression platforms for the production of proteins and antibodies.


TunaCHO™ for transient production of proteins. In conjunction with LakePharma's transient expression vectors, expression levels can reach as high as 2 g/L. Ideal for screening of many candidates during the discovery phase or production of a handful of candidates for preliminary testing in anticipation of lead candidate selection. 


CHO-GSN™ is a glutamine synthesis (GS) knockout cell line for the generation of a research cell bank and future use as a manufacturing cell line for commercial products. With multiple RCBs used for programs at the clinical stage, this platform offers clients a cell line with lineage documentation and a commercial use license for commercialization (royalty-free option is also available).