Cell Culture Process Development

LakePharma provides several options for upstream process development of an existing cell line: clone selection via single cell cloning, proof of monoclonality via use of a cell imager, cell line media adaptation, optimization of existing protocols, media and feed screening, bioreactor screening via ambr15. Upon completion of process development projects, LakePharma also offers scale up of the cell line via WAVE or SUB production runs as confirmation.

Please contact inquiries@lakepharma.com for more information.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
Custom Clone selection via single cell cloning TBD TBD Request
Custom Proof of monoclonality via use of a cell imager TBD TBD Request
Custom Cell line media adaptation TBD TBD Request
Custom Optimization of existing upstream protocols TBD TBD Request
Custom Media & feed screening TBD TBD Request
Custom Bioreactor parameter screening via ambr15 TBD TBD Request
Custom Perfusion production protocol optimization TBD TBD Request

Service offerings include:
• Clones selection
• Cell line adaptation 
• Development of a complete scalable production processes
• Optimization of existing processes
• Cell line evaluation
• Medium screening
• Feed screening and feeding strategies 
• Pilot scale production

Varies bassed on selected project.

  1. Antibody or protein construct
  2. Cell lines (client cell line)
  3. Historical information on the cell line & product

Deliverables (varies based on project scope):
1. Cell lines
2. Technical report covers entire process, from vial thawing to production