Avi Tag

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In vitro biotinylation via BirA: 
1) Buffer exchange Avitagged protein into biotinylation compatible buffer

2) Addition of BirA enzyme at appropriate ratios for biotinylation

3) Dialysis to remove free biotin 

4) Affinity purification to remove BirA


In vivo biotinylation via BirA:
1) Coexpression of BirA with Avitagged protein of interest in expression host system

2) Addition of D-biotin to expression culture

3) Purification of Avitagged protein via tag-specific purification methods

1. Purified AviTag fused protein to be biotinylated in vitro.


2. Gene of interest to be produced with an AviTag.


Note: please see protein production services for more details on protein production.

1. All purified biotinylated protein
2. Study report
3. Certificate of Analysis including CE-SDS analysis