Fluorophore Labeling

Antibodies conjugated to fluorescent molecules are useful for a variety of applications. LakePharma can label proteins or antibodies with all commercially available dyes.

     - FACS

     - Fluorescent microscopy

     - ELISA

     - Western Blot

     - Immunohistochemistry

Please inquire at inquiries@lakepharma.com for our service.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
28301 Fluorophore labeling 1 week < 5 mg proteins or antibodies $1000
28305 Fluorophore labeling 1 week 5 - 20 mg proteins or antibodies $1700
28310 Fluorophore labeling 1 week 21 - 50 mg proteins or antibodies $2890
Note: List prices do not include cost of fluorophore.
  1. Protein labeling with commercially available dyes derivatized with Succinimidyl-Esters or Maleimides targeting custom Fluorophore to Protein ratios (F/P)
  2. Excess dye removal using dialysis
  3. Buffer exchange into PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  4. F:P determination using spectrophotometry
  5. Low endotoxin processing is available for additional costs
  1. Purified proteins for labeling
  2. Fluorophore (LakePharma can place orders for Fluorophores on behalf of clients, a $300 ordering fee will apply)
  1. All labeled proteins
  2. Buffer formulation: PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  3. Protein concentration: Client specified
  4. Endotoxin levels: < 1 EU/mg if low endotoxin service is requested
  5. COA includes: Final protein concentration, average number of biotins per protein ratio, final buffer composition, endotoxin levels if requested
  6. Standard aliquoting (up to 5 vials of equal volume, with the remainder in glass vials); Custom aliquoting available for additional costs, please see below
  7. Protein shipping temperature: -80°C