HRP Conjugation

Conjugated antibodies are used in a variety of laboratory techniques, including ELISA immunoassays and Western blot. LakePharma uses proprietary conjugation techniques to achieve maximum stability and conjugation yield.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
28101 HRP Conjugation 2 weeks < 5 mg proteins or antibodies $2600
28102 HRP Conjugation 2 weeks 5 - 20 mg proteins or antibodies $5000
28103 HRP Conjugation 2 weeks 21 - 50 mg proteins or antibodies $7800
Note: List prices do not include cost of HRP.
  1. HRP conjugation of client provided proteins targeting a client specified HRP-to-Protein ratio
  2. Excess HRP removal services are available at additional costs
  3. Buffer exchange into PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  4. Quantitation of the average number of HRP molecules per protein
  5. Low endotoxin processing is available for additional cost

Purified proteins and antibodies

  1. All HRP conjugated proteins
  2. Buffer formulation: PBS; all other formulations may require an additional fee per sample
  3. Protein concentration: Client specified
  4. Endotoxin levels: < 1 EU/mg if low endotoxin service is requested
  5. COA includes: Final protein concentration, average number of HRP’s per protein ratio, final buffer composition, endotoxin levels
  6. Standard aliquoting (up to 5 vials of equal volume, with the remainder in glass vials); Custom aliquoting available for additional costs, please see below
  7. Protein shipping temperature: -80°C