Development & Manufacturing in LakePharma Hayward, CA

LakePharma has two facilities that can provide development and GMP manufacturing services. While these two services are generally part of our Integrated Solution packages, we also offer them as individual services.

LakePharma Hayward, CA is  ISO:9001 certified and provides a full range of services in process development and manufacturing. We offer development packages starting with CHO stable cell line generation, followed by upstream, downstream, and analytical development. Master cell bank (MCB) generation and testing is performed by Charles River Laboratory. The manufacturing of proteins, antibodies, and conjugates to be used as  Key Reagents or as Diagnostic Antibodies is performed at the Hayward location. For drug substance and drug product manufacturing, the projects are transferred to LakePharma Hopkinton, MA. 

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GMP production of antibodies & proteins for critical assays and diagnostic application - From Development to Manufacturing in 100 days

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