23 Hour DNA Purification

From receipt of bacteria pellet to delivery of purfied DNA in under 24 hours, LakePharma's rapid DNA production service is available at multiple scales. Free pickup and delivery service is available for local clients with contract volume orders. The endotoxin levels in all delivered endotoxin-free samples are typically below 100 EU per milligram of DNA.

For more information, please email plasmid@lakepharma.com

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
21611 Midiprep low-endotoxin DNA purification service (estimated yield of 0.2 mg) 1 day 0.2 mg scale $69
21613 Maxiprep endotoxin-free DNA purification service (estimated yield of 1 mg) 1 day 1 mg scale $99
21614 Megaprep endotoxin-free DNA purification service (estimated yield 5 mg) 1 day 5 mg scale $349
21615 Gigaprep endotoxin-free DNA purification service (estimated yield of 10 mg) 1 day 10 mg scale $499
Note: Final products are not verified by restriction enzyme digest or sequence analysis. Estimated yields based on typical production methods using LakePharma vectors. Actual yields may vary depending on the number of copies of the supplied vector. Purified plasmid DNA through the endotoxin-free process is typically less than 100 EU/mg.

For more information, please email plasmid@lakepharma.com

Bacteria pellet containing DNA of interest.

Purified plasmid.