Gene Synthesis

A gene of interest or any desired DNA sequence can be synthesized; for DNA encoding proteins, codon optimization can be performed to improve expression in a variety of expression systems (bacterial, yeast, insect, mammalian). Restriction enzyme sites, promoters, and epitope tags can be incorporated anywhere for optimal utility. Sequence confirmation of the synthesized DNA is included as part of the service.

Cat.# Service Name Timeline Size Price Quantity Request
21400 Gene synthesis (up to 500 bp) 6 days per construct $200
21410 Gene synthesis (501 to 1000 bp) 8 days per base $0.50
21420 Gene synthesis (1001 to 1500 bp) 10 days per base $0.60
21430 Gene synthesis (>1500 bp) TBD per base Request
Note: Sequence complexity (GC-rich or repeated motifs) may result in additional costs. DNA sequencing and analysis (Cat# 21500) are charged separately.

DNA synthesis is performed by overlapping oligonucleotide synthesis and assembly.

The synthesized gene is cloned into a TOPO vector or an alternate plasmid, specified and provided by the client and sequence verified.

1. DNA sequence to be synthesized as-is (if no optimization performed).

2. Protein sequence to be synthesized.


Please note any flanking DNA sequences to be included, species for codon optimization, and whether specific restriction enzyme sites should be avoided.

Plasmid DNA from a miniprep containing the sequence-verified synthesized DNA in the standard cloning plasmid, or an alternate plasmid specified and provided by the client.


Note: Subcloning into a non-standard vector may result in additional costs.